Mavericks' Masterclass

    What do you know about your creative leadership?
    How many times have you had the chance to facilitate a magical interaction? One that left the people in the room thinking "I can do this!"

    This masterclass is made to give you a deep dive into your thinking preferences and help design a comprehensive problem-solving process for yourself as well as facilitate it for others.

    Using a psychometric scientific assessment, you will receive the results of your FourSight profile, that will help you not only understand your creative superpowers when it comes to solving problems, but also that of others so you can better lead the process of their discovery.

    Join other mavericks on November 21st and learn basic digital facilitation tricks to design meaningful conversations that lead you to ideas that can be shared collectively or decisions that can be made jointly.

    The 3-hour duration and USD $100 you're putting in this Mavericks Masterclass will be one of the best investments you gift yourself this year. We’re here to support you on your journey to become a competent, creative, and experienced facilitator you’re meant to be.

    Woohoo! Seats are filled!

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    Tips on nurturing a culture of innovation at work and ideas for creative thinking in groups.

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